Effective Ways to Improve Your Digestion

We all know that digestion is where the body breaks down food into other substances which are then either absorbed into the bloodstream or distributed around the body. Often, we don’t think about how important this process is for our body, but without it we wouldn’t get any benefits at all from eating food, and although it […]

Aloe Life – Issue 9

Where do you want to BE this year? The beginning of another new year is ahead of us, which means a fresh start and an opportunity to focus on the goals we hope to achieve. This issue of Aloe Life explores the ways we can improve our lives from every angle, from work, to health, fitness and […]

Healthy alternative to make-up remover

Are you in need of a gentle makeup remover? 🤔 Aloe Vera Gelly can be used as a healthy alternative to makeup removers 😮 Simply add the gelly to a cotton pad and wipe away. ✔️ Aloe Vera Gelly is so versatile that it can go from your first aid kit to your skincare shelf, and pretty much […]