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Super sporting experience gifts for every budget!

Looking to give that sporty someone in your life a gift that will motivate and inspire them? Our final tips for experience gifts will give you all the ideas you need to get that super sporty gift experience sorted. So whether you want to motivate them to smash that goal that they have been telling you about, or give them something new to try, these sporty gift set ideas will give you all the tips you need to help them beat their personal best.


If you are looking to keep the cost down but the inspiration high, look no further than this sporty set.

Keeping hydrated is vital for any sports enthusiast, so why not treat them to an ARGI+ Water Bottle, a quick, easy and environmentally responsible way to stay hydrated on the go. This sleek bottle is perfect or holding water or their favourite drink, and the cap and valve provide faster flow without any risk of spilling. Why not add some resistance bands to your sporting set? Resistance bands provide unlimited ways of working out, and are ideal for warming up and muscle-activation. And after all that hard work, treat them to the relaxing sensation of Aloe Heat Lotion, this aloe-powered formula delivers heating and cooling effects to help soothe sore muscles.

Pop all your sporting gifts into a box wrapped in Forever Wrapping Paper, topped with a Forever Ribbon bow for a stylish sporting experience gift that is sure to inspire.


If you have a little more to play with, why not help them smash their goals with this experience gift set.

Help them to shake up their diet and lifestyle with the naturally-flavoured, plant-powered protein in Forever Lite UltraThis delicious shake contains vital vitamins and minerals and is available in chocolate and vanilla flavour. To compliment this, include our Forever F.I.T. Shaker in your gift set. This shaker is a convenient way to stay on track with their fitness, and the grated lid allows them to perfectly shake up their protein powder to get a smooth and delicious finish for the ultimate Forever fuel.

Why not include some dumbbells in your gift? Choose ones to suit their fitness level, whether they are a beginner or more advanced. Weights are a great addition to any workout, and can be used to help sculpt and condition shoulders, arms, legs and back. And after all that exercise, help them beat the cravings with an irresistible energy bar. Forever Fastbreak is a delicious chocolate covered peanut butter bar, with 11 grams of protein for a filling snack to help them refuel.

Add all your goodies to a hamper or box lined with Forever Tissue Paper and wrapped in Forever Wrapping Paper for the perfect sporting gift.


If you are pulling out all the stops for the sport lover in your life, you’re onto a winner with this sensational sporting experience gift.

Start off your gift by fuelling their fitness goals with the delicious taste of ARGI+. This nutritious berry flavoured sports drink provides the daily recommended amount of the “miracle molecule” known as L-arginine, a popular amino acid and a building block for proteins, and essential B vitamins that support the nervous system, normal protein metabolism, psychological function and red blood cell formation*. Compliment this with an ARGI+ Water Bottle, an easy and convenient way to help them stay hydrated whilst they smash their personal best.

Add the refreshing taste of orange-flavoured aloe gel to your gift with Forever FreedomContaining all the benefits of Forever’s plain gel but with added glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, which is popular with those who lead an active lifestyle.

Make your gift that little be extra special by topping it off with dumbbells and resistance bands. These pieces of equipment make the perfect addition to your gift, and can be tailored to any fitness level. Resistance bands are an effective and versatile training tool that can be used to increase strength and stability in the upper and lower body, and dumbbells are small and easily stackable, making them the perfect start to a home gym equipment collection.

Add all of your items to a box wrapped inForever Wrapping Paper and filled with shredded paper for a super sporting gift that is sure to impress.

*Vitamin B6 contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system and normal protein metabolism. Vitamin B12 contributes to normal psychological function and normal red blood cell formation. Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

We know the holidays can be a really busy time, so we hope we have provided you with some ideas to suit everyone on your list this year.


  1. ARGI+ Water Bottle
  2. Aloe Heat Lotion
  3. Forever Lite Ultra
  4. Forever F.I.T. Shaker
  5. Forever Fastbreak
  6. ARGI+
  7. Forever Freedom

by Amelia Bruce (Forever UK)

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A ‘spa experience’ gift for every budget

Gifting season can be expensive, and while the idea of creating a ‘gift experience’ may sound even more out of reach, there’s no need to panic! You don’t need to break the bank to create a thoughtful and memorable gift for someone.

If you know somebody who could use a little more me-time (think: expectant mums, busy parents, workaholics or those who are working on building up a mindfulness habit) a ‘spa experience’ gift could be just the ticket. Whether you can only spare £10-£20 on somebody or are in the market for something a bit more expensive, here are three ways to pull together a luxury at-home spa-day gift to help your recipient beat those January blues.


On a budget? No problem! You can still put together a perfect pamper package for that special someone and make it look lovely, too!

Why not treat them to a face mask, something like the Forever Marine Mask, and pair it with a tealight holder? Tealights are inexpensive, but dotted around the bathroom during a hot bubble bath can completely change the ambience of the room and make it a truly relaxing pamper session. Try one which will suit the recipient’s décor, or maybe try one which is shaped like a stone or pebble, reminiscent of a luxury spa?

Finish the gift off with a washcloth (perfect for removing that face mask!) – and use it to replicate the Japanese art of Furoshiki (wrapping gifts in cloth). By wrapping the gift up in the washcloth instead of wrapping paper you’re making an eco-friendly choice and giving your gift a unique and memorable look! Finish it off with some Forever Christmas Ribbon and you’ve created a budget friendly spa experience for one!


If you’ve a little more money to play with, why not give your recipient the gift of aromatherapy in their spa experience?

Start with a face mask, which of course are always perfect for relaxing and soothing the face – perhaps the Sonya Soothing Gel Mask. Then treat them to an essential oil diffuser – you can get these to suit your recipient’s home décor or personal tastes, and at a budget to suit you. Finally, add a Forever Essential Oil to the gift – choose a scent you know they’ll love, or opt for the one that will promote calm and relaxation – Forever Essential Oils Lavender.

Pop it all in a box lined with Forever Tissue Paper and wrapped in Forever Wrapping Paper and your recipient is sure to be impressed!


If you’re pulling out all the stops, here’s how you can make a spa experience your recipient will never forget!

An essential oil diffuser will instantly transform your recipient’s bathroom or bedroom into a luxury spa space, especially if you include all of the Forever Essential Oils – Lavender to relax, Peppermint to refresh, Lemon to invigorate and Defense to energise – so that they can choose their scent based on what they want out of their spa session.

For a real luxury treat, add a box of our award-winning Aloe Bio-Cellulose Masks to deeply moisturise skin and create a complexion that glows!

Finally, a white, waffle-textured dressing gown is reminiscent of being at the spa and really completes the feel of a good pamper session – finish off the look with a pair of white spa slippers. You could even throw in a bottle of champagne for the ultimate luxury spa-night!


  1. Forever Marine Mask
  2. Sonya Refining Gel Mask
  3. Forever Essential Oils
  4. Lavender Essential Oil
  5. Aloe Bio-Cellulose Face Mask

by Rachel Sharpe (Forever UK)

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Why Drink Aloe? 🌱

👉 For better hair skin and nails
👉 For Digestive issues (Colitis, heart burn, indigestion, ulcers, IBS etc)
👉 For TOP Immune health
👉 For Joints that are pain free!
👉 For more energy and a stable metabolism

Anything ending in ITIS is a swelling inside our bodies.

Aloe Vera drinking gel is a natural ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. So… if you drink 60-120ml a day every single day, those problems will be hugely corrected by our aloe.

Check out our Drinking Gels


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Nature is Powerful

One thing I did not want to inherit from my mum was her Psoriasis. Now,  I currently don’t suffer from it as bad however, I get random break-outs throughout the year. Nothing in particular causes it, it just appears, becomes itchy, bleeds and eventually disappears for a period of time, before it decides to come back for another round.

I have had breakouts of Psoriasis that only started when I was in my mid-twenties and each breakout can last anything from a few days to a few weeks, this can also be impacted on how much it annoys me – the more I scratch, the worse it gets, the longer it lingers etc.

For several years, I had used prescribed creams on the rash, DoubleBase being the GP’s favourite, an horrible cream that felt more like a paste and smelt like stale cats piss. The only positive I can say is that it stopped the itch and in a few days the rash would disappear. Since starting my business last year, I now only use Forever Living products.

All the additional hand washing and sanitizing regularly since the COVID19 Pandemic, has caused an irritation to the Psoriasis and breakouts are fairly frequent.

Whilst I was at the gym last night, I noticed my hands and wrist started to go red and itchy, this is the usual sign that within 24hrs, the skin around this area will start to crack and bleed. Another tell tale sign is when I use the hand sanitizer it stings. This is fairly uncomfortable especially having to use sanitizer immediately following usage of each of the gym equipment.

I took the first image last night when I got home, shortly after I applied a squirt of ALOE PROPOLIS CREME I applied a little more before I went to bed and then I applied for a third time after my shower this morning. The second image was taken this morning.

In less than 15 hours the itchiness has gone, the redness as reduced by 90%

Photo one

Photo two

I ❤️ this product

The benefits of ALOE PROPOLIS CREME include:

🐝 Containing Rich stabilised Aloe Vera and Bee Propolis

🐝 Vitamin A & E for skin conditioning properties

🐝 Soothes skin conditions – It’s had fabulous reviews from eczema and psoriasis sufferers

🐝 Leaves a protective barrier on the skin – PERFECT for hands, feet and any dry patches.

🐝 A little goes a long way

More information at ALOE PROPOLIS CREME



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Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask WINS Silver Award 💚

Forever UK are over the moon to announce that the Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask was recently awarded Silver for the Best Aloe Vera Product in the Global Green Beauty Awards.

These awards focus on Green and Clean beauty products and received over 300 entries.

They look at celebrating brands who are making a conscious effort to become more eco-friendly with their products. Judged by a panel of ex beauty specialists, the products are judged on efficacy.

From haircare to skincare, body care to cosmetics, they look to promote the best of the best of green beauty within the industry.

Learn more about the mask here

Visit Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask in my shop

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This is literally FLYING off the shelves following its launch this morning.

Powerful and refreshing, Forever Instant Hand Cleanser will keep the whole family protected, wherever the adventure leads.
The citrus-scented, aloe-based hand cleanser is ideal for cleaning your hands quickly and effectively if soap and water are not available.

  • Essential to have at home and perfect when you are on the go.
  • Formulated with 70% alcohol.
  • Quick-drying and non-sticky.
  • Refreshing citrus scent
  • Effective aloe-based cleansing formula

Find out more at GET YOURS HERE

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a. Spend £17.25 a week on Junk Food and booze that provide your body with BLOATED-NESS & a beautiful SLUGGISH Feeling? 🤢🤢🤢
b. Spend £17.25 a week on a cocktail of:
💚 Vitamin A
💚 Vitamin C
💚 Vitamin E
💚 Vitamin B12
💚 Amino Acids
💚 Calcium
💚 Manganese
💚 Sodium
💚 Potassium
💚 Copper
💚 Magnesium
💚 Zinc
💚 Chromium & Iron
…that benefits your precious body like oil to a car! & makes you feel energised, de-bloated, eased digestion & clearer skin? 💚💚💚
I bet you’ve spent more than that on a night out, pouring beer, spirits, shots and cocktails down your neck? I have 🙈😈 & what damage have I done to my insides???
Available in:
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It’s #MultiAmazing

Get your hands on some MPD and clear your cupboards of all other detergents/disinfectants…

It amazes me everytime I use it

I have just filled 6 Spray Bottles with only 6 teaspoons of MPD #wtf 😲

1x 946ml FOREVER ALOE MPD bottle will make over 180 spray bottles – that is approx 0.12p per bottle!!!

I when I say it is multi-purpose, I mean it is MULTI-PURPOSE…. here is just a small list of what you can use it on…..

💚 Dish Wash
💚 Appliance Cleaner
💚 Glass Cleaner
💚 Toilet disinfectant
💚 Tile cleaner
💚 Car Wash
💚 Car Screenwash
💚 Carpets
💚 Animal – Kennels, Hutches, Bedding, Stables, Trailers, Coops etc
💚 Work surfaces
💚 Laundry
💚 General Cleaner

Other benefits include:

✔️ Phosphorus-free
✔️ Environmentally friendly
✔️ Biodegradable ingredients
✔️ Mild, gentle formula
✔️ All purpose detergent
✔️ Effectively lifts grime and cuts through grease to remove stains
✔️ Only takes a drop to get the job done

More info