Aloe Lotion


All the power of pure aloe vera combined with vitamin E, jojoba oil, elastin and collagen. Aloe Lotion moisturises skin while helping it feel supple and refreshed.

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Versatile, all-around soothing lotion for the whole body.

• Perfect for face and hands

• High content of pure, inner leaf aloe

• Keeps skin smooth, soft and supple

• Soothes dry skin

• Vegetarian friendly

• Gluten free


There’s more than just pure, inner leaf aloe in Forever’s Aloe Lotion. We combined hand-harvested aloe from our own plantations with vitamin E, jojoba, collagen and elastin for a hydrating and softening lotion like no other.

Aloe Lotion is the perfect all-purpose skin lotion for your face and body. It is very soothing on dry, irritated skin and does so much more. This lightweight formula restores the skin’s delicate pH balance to keep it soft, smooth and supple without feeling thick or heavy, making it perfect for everyday use. The light and pleasant aroma is never overpowering.

Jojoba oil and vitamin E take skin nourishing even further by adding another level of moisturising to bring a sense of tranquility to chafed skin, making it a great after-sun moisturiser. Collagen and elastin work together to help your skin look as good as it feels when you use Aloe Lotion.

You won’t find a more versatile product than this. From head to toe you’ll get everything you need to moisturise, soothe and smooth your skin in one tube of Forever’s Aloe Lotion.


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