Within 3 days my pain had gone…

I have been suffering with psoriatic arthritis for over 18 months. My GP prescribed me with morphine tablets and Fenbid Cream (contain Ibuprofen) that I have been taking and using daily ever since. I have it in both my hands and it is very painful, I am unable to pick things up and the pain is constant and several times a day, I have sharp shooting pains at random times throughout the day.

I have had a few injections in my left hand since the pain started, these injections are supposed to give you pain relief for about 6-12 weeks and then a new injection is needed. However, it is limited to the amount of injections you are allowed. I have to put up with the pain in my right hand because I am not allowed any injections in my right side due to my history of cancer and I have lymphedema in my right arm following the removal of my lymph nodes during my cancer operations/treatment.

For months, Sean Hill who only believes in taking natural products and ‘not the shite found in the chemical dust of a lab rats desk’, had been telling me about this supplement he sells that may provide me with some pain relief. I looked at the info he gave me and there was no way I wanted to pay £60 for 30 days supply, and all he kept saying was, well if it was going to relieve my pain, isnt it worth £2 per day? But, I could also be wasting my money if it didnt!

He said, while whilst you continue to take your chemical drugs, try this gel to see if it makes any difference to the pain. So, I started to apply the gel to my hands topically, and that did give me relief so, I continued using the gel daily.

Another month or so had passed, and I was still having the pain in both my hands, I had also recently had the injection in my left hand but that wasnt really helping. Sean again told me about these supplements and I told him I was not interested.

A few days later, he had bought me a tub of them and said to just try them for a week and if it doesnt do anything for you, I will not try and sell them to you again.

I started to take them and within 3 days my pain had gone, so I continued to take them every day, and weeks went past and I was able to do little jobs around the house, pick things up without dropping them or suffering from pain, do my puzzle & colouring books comfortably and play games on my tablet comfortably.

After the 30 days had gone, I stopped taking them after running out. Within 2 days my pain had come back so I asked Sean to order me some more. As soon as the order was received, I started to take them and within 3 days the pain had gone again.

I have just ordered my 3rd tub from him today and will be ordering again in a couple of weeks so I never run out again.

The moral of this story – Don’t be afraid of trying something new

by Una Hill