It’s #MultiAmazing

Get your hands on some MPD and clear your cupboards of all other detergents/disinfectants…

It amazes me everytime I use it

I have just filled 6 Spray Bottles with only 6 teaspoons of MPD #wtf ?

1x 946ml FOREVER ALOE MPD bottle will make over 180 spray bottles – that is approx 0.12p per bottle!!!

I when I say it is multi-purpose, I mean it is MULTI-PURPOSE…. here is just a small list of what you can use it on…..

? Dish Wash
? Appliance Cleaner
? Glass Cleaner
? Toilet disinfectant
? Tile cleaner
? Car Wash
? Car Screenwash
? Carpets
? Animal – Kennels, Hutches, Bedding, Stables, Trailers, Coops etc
? Work surfaces
? Laundry
? General Cleaner

Other benefits include:

✔️ Phosphorus-free
✔️ Environmentally friendly
✔️ Biodegradable ingredients
✔️ Mild, gentle formula
✔️ All purpose detergent
✔️ Effectively lifts grime and cuts through grease to remove stains
✔️ Only takes a drop to get the job done