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One thing I did not want to inherit from my mum was her Psoriasis. Now,  I currently don’t suffer from it as bad however, I get random break-outs throughout the year. Nothing in particular causes it, it just appears, becomes itchy, bleeds and eventually disappears for a period of time, before it decides to come back for another round.

I have had breakouts of Psoriasis that only started when I was in my mid-twenties and each breakout can last anything from a few days to a few weeks, this can also be impacted on how much it annoys me – the more I scratch, the worse it gets, the longer it lingers etc.

For several years, I had used prescribed creams on the rash, DoubleBase being the GP’s favourite, an horrible cream that felt more like a paste and smelt like stale cats piss. The only positive I can say is that it stopped the itch and in a few days the rash would disappear. Since starting my business last year, I now only use Forever Living products.

All the additional hand washing and sanitizing regularly since the COVID19 Pandemic, has caused an irritation to the Psoriasis and breakouts are fairly frequent.

Whilst I was at the gym last night, I noticed my hands and wrist started to go red and itchy, this is the usual sign that within 24hrs, the skin around this area will start to crack and bleed. Another tell tale sign is when I use the hand sanitizer it stings. This is fairly uncomfortable especially having to use sanitizer immediately following usage of each of the gym equipment.

I took the first image last night when I got home, shortly after I applied a squirt of ALOE PROPOLIS CREME I applied a little more before I went to bed and then I applied for a third time after my shower this morning. The second image was taken this morning.

In less than 15 hours the itchiness has gone, the redness as reduced by 90%

Photo one

Photo two

I ❤️ this product

The benefits of ALOE PROPOLIS CREME include:

? Containing Rich stabilised Aloe Vera and Bee Propolis

? Vitamin A & E for skin conditioning properties

? Soothes skin conditions – It’s had fabulous reviews from eczema and psoriasis sufferers

? Leaves a protective barrier on the skin – PERFECT for hands, feet and any dry patches.

? A little goes a long way

More information at ALOE PROPOLIS CREME