Bloody Itchy Hands

It has been reported that since the COVID19 outbreak, the average person washes their hands 10 times per day and sanitizes an additional 8 times per day!

New research (in November 2020) from a census-balanced survey of 2000 people has revealed that more than 51% said that their hands were feeling drier and nearly 3 in 10 reported that their hands are now flaky from the increased hand washing and sanitizing.

More than 1 in 5 reported that their hands have bled as a result (due to dry, cracked skin)

I can relate to this study because, after months of doing the same, my hands started to dry, then came the red itchy patches. All the hand washing and sanitising triggered my Psoriasis to worsen. I used to get outbreaks every so often but for most of this year it has been a continuous problem for me.

However, since I first mentioned this here I have continued to use the ALOE PROPOLIS CREME 2-3 times per day and as you can see, with the photos I took this morning (below) it is still working its magic.

I have not had any ichiness since using the creme and my hands look and feel 100% better than they did back in September.

Prior to using this creme my hands would not only dry and go red, part of my hands would break out and start to bleed. This would be especially around my knuckles and finger joints, they would become painful and would sting when washing/sanitising.

Since September, I have not had this problem and I will continue to use the Propolis Creme daily

If you suffer from dry skin, I recommend this product

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