Tinnitus Awareness Week – 01 to 07 February

Tinnitus is very common and is reported in all age groups, even young children and tends to be more common in people who have hearing loss or other ear related problems.

Symtoms of Tinnitus include, ringing, whoosing, humming or buzzing in the ear. This can come and go or can also be continuous.

It is currently unknown what causes Tinnitus and is rarely an indication of a serious disorder

The first person to talk to if you are suffering from these symptoms is your GP as you may need to be referred to a specialist for further investigation.

The most important thing is that you keep doing things that you enjoy to do. It will just make things harder in the future if ignored.

Most suffering with Tinnitus do seem to find that it can settle naturally after a period of time.

Relaxation will help you feel less stressed. So, try to relax more, by doing so you may be able to feel less stressed and so notice your tinnitus less. Promote inner-calm and wellbeing with ALOE BLOSSOM HERBAL TEA, an all-natural brew of leaves, herbs and spices.

Sip away at your nice hot tea and have someone give you a relaxing massage with ALOE HEAT LOTION. This aloe-powered formula delivers heating and cooling effects to help soothe sore muscles

Learn more about Tinnitus by visitng the British Tinnitus Association https://www.tinnitus.org.uk/