A Change of Season – Targeting Your Skincare Concerns

Should spring and summer come with a change in your skincare routine? When you are dreaming about your summer skin you may be envisioning a smooth, glowing complexion. But in reality the change of seasons, and with it the change in temperature and humidity, can lead to fluctuations in your skin.

Sweat, sunburn, humidity, rain? Your skin goes through a lot due to the ever-changing British climate, and these conditions can all impact our skin. When your skin appears to be fluctuating it can be easy to think that you need a full skincare overhaul, but fear not. Sometimes you just need to figure out the exact concerns and target them with specific products depending on the issue you are tackling. Forever’s Targeted skincare supplements the rest of your skincare routine by targeting specific concerns, and even selecting just a few products from this range and incorporating them into our daily routine can help you to see a difference. Here are a few tips for tackling those seasonal skin worries.

Small changes count

Skin generally tends to be drier in the winter and oilier in the summer, and it makes sense that as the weather changes outside your skin will react differently. In the same way that you swap your winter wardrobe for your summer one, supplementing your routine can help your skin respond better to external changes.

If you are finding that your skin is looking a little dull, tired or flaky, make sure you are using the right exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and reveal brighter skin with a smooth tone and texture. Forever’s Smoothing Exfoliator is gentle enough to use regularly, without stressing the soft, newer skin underneath. Smoothing Exfoliator uses five powerful and natural ingredients that work together to provide a complete and rejuvenating cleansing experience. Jojoba beads gently roll across the skin to remove dirt and debris while sustainably-sourced bamboo powder sweeps the skin to remove dead skin cells. Use it after your cleanser in the evening for best results!

Hydration is key

The warmer weather can mean that your skin needs more hydration. Why not complement your moisturiser a with a serum that’ll boost hydration? Every day, your skin is exposed to environmental stressors that can cause dryness, and contribute to the signs of ageing. To keep your skin feeling young, supple and rejuvenated, add a boost of hydration to your skincare routine with Forever’s Hydrating Serum. It will not only envelop your skin in silky moisture, but also exponentially enhance the benefits of your favourite Forever moisturiser. Leave your skin feeling plump and hydrated while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and provide an extra layer of protection against those seasonal environmental stressors.

Uneven skin tone? What uneven skin tone.

Doe the change in climate mean that you have been left with uneven skin tone, large-looking pores, or skin that needs more hydration, Forever’s Balancing Toner could be the solution for you! Forever’s Balancing Toner is designed to ensure all dirt and debris is washed off, while minimising the appearance of pores and adding extra hydration, making it ideal for use between cleansing and moisturising.

Balancing Toner provides an exclusive blend of seaweed extract and sodium hyaluronate to moisturise and soften skin while supporting a youthful appearance. Cucumber extract adds another layer of soothing hydration while promoting improved skin tone and texture, and to further supercharge this powerful formula, we used hyaluronic acid, which has been called a molecular sponge because of its water attracting abilities. Use this powerful toner after cleansing and exfoliating, but before any serums!

Illuminate your eyes.

Eyes looking tired? You need a refreshing eye cream that is sensitive to the delicate eye area and will help your eyes appear more rested, alert and rejuvenated.

Forever’s Awakening Eye Cream combines powerful ingredients with collagen, aloe vera and peptide technology to improve and smooth the sensitive eye area, visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. All these powerhouse ingredients make the most advanced eye cream to allow your beauty to shine. Have striking eyes that look brighter and younger with Awakening Eye Cream.

Protect your skin whatever the weather.

Sun protection is essential all year round. Whilst UVB rays are much weaker in winter, the skin ageing UVA rays don’t fluctuate as much throughout the seasons so it is important to make sure your skin is protected throughout the seasons.

Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask

The changing climate can make your skin look dull and oily, and not to mention that sweating more through the summer months can leave you feeling a little dehydrated. Treating your skin to a pampering session every week can be just the thing you need, and what could be better than Forever’s award-winning Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask when your skin needs some TLC.

This mask provides powerful hydration, thanks to forward-thinking technology and natural ingredients. Easily fitting to every contour of your face, this mask deeply replenishes skin with powerful hydration. Every skin type can use it, but it will especially benefit those with dry skin, as your skin will drink up the incredible hydration this mask has to offer. So sit back, relax, and soak up the benefits of aloe-goodness.

by Amelia Bruce (Forever UK)