Do you care for your skin?

Let’s take a look at some of the organs in our body….
? The computer – we keep our brains powered with feeding it with knowledge
❤️ The battery – we keep our heart charged with exercise and what we eat
? The engines – we keep our lungs beating with fresh air and exercise
?️ The waste disposal – we keep our digestive system recycling with our diet and lifestyles

BUT…. What about our bodies protective barrier?…..

? Our skin gets a good daily battering by exposure to environmental toxins, facial expression, detergents, smoke, allergies, irritations, damage, burns, cuts and the occasional ? sun exposure to name a few!
Is soap and water enough to feed your skin? unblock those pores, give shielding and keep it in tip top condition? I doubt it!
Our SONYA DAILY SKINCARE SYSTEM is a revolutionary gel-based technology were nature meets science.
The kit cleanses, illuminates, refines and moisturises your skin….