The science behind Forever’s Targeted line: giving your skincare

As spring has arrived and the summer months are fast approaching, it’s time for a little extra care for our skin. Forever Living offers two skincare ranges and an additional skincare line which sits between the ranges to complement them.

The Sonya Daily Skincare System is geared toward those with oily skin, which can feel sticky and prone to be troubled, or for those with combination skin which can fluctuate between oily, dry and normal. Infinite by Forever Advanced Skincare System is for those with dry skin, which can feel tight, course or flaky, and/or maturing skin that may show signs of ageing, like fine lines and wrinkles.

The Targeted line is strategically placed to sit in between Forever’s two skincare collections. Each Targeted product addresses different skin concerns and preferences, so you can find something that is suitable to your individual needs in your skincare routine.

It’s encouraged to have a consistent skincare routine, and that could include either Infinite or Sonya, but for adding ‘a little extra’, include one or more of the Targeted products. Here’s how they all work.

Balancing Toner

Adding Balancing Toner to your skincare routine helps to remove excess dirt and minimise the appearance of pores. Containing sodium hyaluronate (a form of hyaluronic acid), with added seaweed extract, these ingredients are a powerful combination that moisturise and hydrate the skin, revealing a youthful-looking complexion.

It contains cucumber extract, which have lignans, that helps support the absorption of nutrients, as well as helping the appearance of puffiness and the skin’s texture as it soothes. The white tea extract works with the high concentration of aloe to assist your skin’s pH balance. Use this toner after you cleanse for added moisture and to assist removing unwanted dirt and oils. Paired with cotton wool, you don’t need to rinse after use. I use this especially after a day where I am wearing SPF.

Awaking Eye Cream

Awakening Eye Cream smooths and firms the delicate eye area so that the eyes appear rested, alert and rejuvenated. Patented ingredients with peptide technology encourage the production of healthy collagen, which helps to improve skin smoothness while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Awaking Eye Cream is dual function and targets the upper eyelid and the delicate skin around the eye to visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles. Use with your Forever moisturiser as part of your skincare routine or as needed. Personally, I love this in the summer months when my eyes are a little puffy.

Smoothing Exfoliator

Instead of using harsh chemicals or artificial micro beads that harm the environment or sharp fragments that harm the skin, the Smoothing Exfoliator uses natural Jojoba beads and sustainably sourced Korean bamboo powder. These ingredients improve the appearance of tone and texture by removing dead skin without stressing or scratching newer skin underneath. Bromelain extract (pineapple) helps lift dead skin while lemon essential oil is a fantastic moisturiser that hydrates to help the skin feel renewed.

Remember, exfoliated skin can better absorb key ingredients when additional topical products are later applied. Regular exfoliation paves the way for other products to perform as it removes the barrier of dead skin cells but it’s recommended only 2-3 times a week in a skincare routine. With men, it can be used daily to help promote a closer shave. I also like to use this as a foot scrub or even before doing a fake tan.

Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask

The award-winning Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask is a super-hydrating formula which combines the power of aloe with seagrass, horse chestnut, green tea extract and coconut. Cooling and calming, it reduces the appearance of redness as it soothes the skin.

The fibres in this mask are 1000x thinner than human hair and are moisture retentive, allowing the mask to fit tightly to the contours of your face and reach fine lines and wrinkles more effectively.
Every part of the premium mask is 100% compostable, and it is compatible with all skin types. On a warm day, put it in the fridge prior to application for a refreshing effect. It’s a family favourite in our household: both my teenagers and my husband love to wear this during a movie night.

Aloe Activator

Aloe Activator is a unique moisturising liquid featuring over 98% aloe vera gel. The other added ingredient is allantoin, which is comfrey plant extract that helps to gently soften and smooth skin. The very high concentration of aloe makes Aloe Activator an ideal addition to any skincare routine that soothes troubled skin and gives an extra boost. Also, combined in a 50/50 ration with the mask powder, it makes an excellent hydrating yet cleansing facial mask. I have this as a ‘go to’ nourishing treat in my skincare routine.

Hydrating Serum

Forever’s award-winning Hydrating Serum boosts hydration with FOUR types of hyaluronic acid which help to seal moisture in and take hydration to deeper layers in the skin. It helps to shield against environmental stressors and absorbs quickly into the skin with plant fatty acids such as olive oil, shea butter and coconut. Amazing botanicals such as snow mushroom and tamarind assist in extra hydration and protection. Apply after cleansing but before your favourite Forever moisturiser to boost its efficacy. You can even use it prior to applying make-up or sun cream later in the day. I use this with the Infinite Firming Serum before adding Infinite Restoring Crème when my upper cheeks feel dry. 
Forever’s Targeted line provides those extra products suitable to your customers bespoke needs and preferences. They are also amazing stand-alone gifts that would introduce individuals to the Forever skincare line.


by Jeannie McGinnis – Forever UK

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