Why Will Aloe Transform Your Summer?

People from all walks of life seem to rave about aloe vera, and I often find myself in conversations with locals when I’m on holiday about the amazing benefits of this miracle plant. Just recently I found myself chatting to a market stall owner in Madeira who was selling crystallised fruit, and one of his favourites was crystallised aloe. While aloe in this form may not offer the health benefits we hope for, when consumed as a drink – especially a drink that’s as close to its purest form – aloe vera can positively impact you in many ways.

Purity does matter here though, so choose drinks that contain a high percentage of inner leaf aloe gel. Forever Aloe Vera Gel (available in 1 litre or 330ml) boasts 99.7% pure aloe gel and it’s the purest you’ll find on the market. Read on to find out how drinking this aloe vera gel will affect you this summer.

It Can Make You Look and Feel Good

Since this purifying drink contains such a high aloe content, consumers will also benefit from high doses of aloe’s innate benefits. For centuries aloe vera has been revered as a beauty remedy and that’s because its naturally hydrating properties are great for the skin. Aloe’s pH is the same as healthy skin which means it can help with imbalances and give you a glowing complexion. And it’s not just your skin that will ooze radiance thanks to the aloe, your hair and nails will also benefit! Aloe is believed to have a chemical make-up that’s similar to keratin, the primary hair protein, and since aloe is hydrating, it can help prevent your hair, nails and cuticles from looking dry and brittle.

Looking good on the outside will help to boost your confidence and this means you’ll feel amazing as well! Aloe vera will boost your overall wellbeing and make you feel a whole lot healthier, and this too will show on the outside to all those around you. Forget putting yourself at risk for that sun kissed glow, embrace something that’s natural and packed with nutrients and you’ll sport an aloe glow all summer long.

It Can Impact Your Workout

All of Forever’s aloe vera drinking gels are also high in the essential nutrient vitamin C. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is super important if you are planning to get beach body ready as it provides several benefits that could help assist your summer workout.

This water-soluble vitamin contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones and cartilage. Collagen plays an important role throughout the body and is often found in connective tissues. It is extremely strong and has the ability to bend under tension; it is thanks to this flexibility that we can move with such ease. Vitamin C deficiency can hinder the synthesis of collagen and as a result bones can become brittle. Cartilage, which covers the ends of your bones at the joint, will weaken and this can lead to inflammation and stiffness. Working out can also put pressure on your bones and joints so it’s important that you have plenty of vitamin C in your diet to ensure your bones and cartilage can properly support you during a workout.

100ml of Forever Aloe Vera Gel contains 56mg of vitamin C, around 70% of your recommended daily intake (RDI). However, if you consume 200mg of vitamin C on top of the RDI, the nutrient works to maintain the normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise. Your immune system can often be compromised when you work out – gyms are breeding grounds for bacteria – so it’s worth ensuring you are well protected. To get this amount (and more), drink 330ml of Forever Aloe Vera Gel mixed with 10g (one sachet) of Argi+ during your workout and then eat an orange afterwards.

It Can Help You to Make the Most of Activities

If, like me, you eagerly await the summer months and look forward to BBQs, weekends’ away and activities involving the great outdoors, you want to make sure you are fighting fit and able to enjoy it all.

During the winter months you almost brace yourself to get a cold at some point during the season, but there’s nothing worse than getting the lurgy in the summer! You’ve already heard how increased vitamin C can affect your immune system during exercise, but you may also be pleased to learn that even smaller sources of vitamin C will contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

So now that your physical health is under control, it’s probably worth taking some time to nurture your mental health. Nobody wants to be dubbed the Moany Minnie of the party due to our friend Mr Fatigue! Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue!

by Kate Hodge – Forever UK

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