Take Time Out with Our Newest Forever Products

Take time out with our newest Forever products while using a simple mindfulness technique. Any kind of stress, whether mental, emotional or physical, can trigger a particular biological response in the body—your shoulders tense, your head feels tight, your jaw can become clenched as your mind races. Typically, after the response occurs, your body should relax. […]

Six Unexpected Beauty Uses for Honey

The beauty industry has taken a more holistic approach than ever before and is paying close attention to ingredients including pure honey. You may not know it yet, but honey’s benefits go beyond sweetening up your morning porridge or warm cup of tea – there are also plenty of beauty uses of honey on your […]

Effective Ways to Improve Your Digestion

We all know that digestion is where the body breaks down food into other substances which are then either absorbed into the bloodstream or distributed around the body. Often, we don’t think about how important this process is for our body, but without it we wouldn’t get any benefits at all from eating food, and although it […]

Five reasons to add this nutritional drink to your diet

Whether you’re on a fitness journey or participate in regular physical activity, you will always need to increase the amount of fluid you consume in order to replace the water you lose as sweat. Plus, it’s always a good idea to start any physical activity well hydrated and to drink at intervals during activity. This […]

Forever Instant Hand Sanitizer

Forever UK is pleased to announce that Forever Instant Hand Sanitizer is now available to buy. From Monday 8th February, Forever Instant Hand Cleanser has changed to Forever Instant Hand Sanitizer.  This is due to the product’s registration changing from a cosmetic product to a biodide as there is evidence that the product is effective at killing germs and bacteria. Powerful […]

Ten reasons to love Forever’s aloe vera

Forever Living is passionate about its products, and in particular its flagship product Forever Aloe Vera Gel. This purifying gel drink carries benefits that have literally impacted millions of people all over the world thanks to its nutrient value and the purity of its aloe, and now we are even more excited to share a brand-new […]

Tinnitus Awareness Week – 01 to 07 February

Tinnitus is very common and is reported in all age groups, even young children and tends to be more common in people who have hearing loss or other ear related problems. Symtoms of Tinnitus include, ringing, whoosing, humming or buzzing in the ear. This can come and go or can also be continuous. It is […]

How to properly balance your diet

When it comes to maintaining long-term weight management goals, it’s not enough to simply cut calories, restrict foods and rely on ongoing self-restraint. Have you ever put something on the ‘naughty list’ of foods and found that it’s only made you want it more? That’s how we know that complete denial of foods is not […]

Aloe Life – Issue 9

Where do you want to BE this year? The beginning of another new year is ahead of us, which means a fresh start and an opportunity to focus on the goals we hope to achieve. This issue of Aloe Life explores the ways we can improve our lives from every angle, from work, to health, fitness and […]