a. Spend £17.25 a week on Junk Food and booze that provide your body with BLOATED-NESS & a beautiful SLUGGISH Feeling? ???
b. Spend £17.25 a week on a cocktail of:
? Vitamin A
? Vitamin C
? Vitamin E
? Vitamin B12
? Amino Acids
? Calcium
? Manganese
? Sodium
? Potassium
? Copper
? Magnesium
? Zinc
? Chromium & Iron
…that benefits your precious body like oil to a car! & makes you feel energised, de-bloated, eased digestion & clearer skin? ???
I bet you’ve spent more than that on a night out, pouring beer, spirits, shots and cocktails down your neck? I have ?? & what damage have I done to my insides???