Versatile household cleaner powered by aloe

An environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, all-purpose detergent that effectively lifts grime and cuts through grease to remove stains. Its versatile cleaning power can tackle your laundry, floors, bathroom, tiles, carpets and dishes. This highly concentrated formula often only takes a few drops to get the job done.

Every week we use multiple detergents for cleaning. Wouldn’t it be nice to buy just one multi-purpose product for the laundry, dishes, floor, and even the bathroom? Forever has introduced such a product – a liquid detergent that is highly effective and very economical to use.

At a glance…
+ Multi-purpose, 2X concentrated cleaner.
+ Phosphorus-free.
+ Environmentally-friendly, biodegradable ingredients.
+ Mild, gentle formula

946ml bottle of MPD =
+15ml – washing clothes
+ 5ml spray bottles
+ 2.5ml windows
+ 0.5ml dishes

which does…

+ 63 loads of washing
+ 189 spray bottles
+ 378 Windows
+ 192 dishes

Customer Testimonials

How amazing is this testimonial from Deborah’s cleaner about out MPD?

“I have used this product over a week as a professional domestic cleaner. In this period I have cleaned 22 houses of various sizes, including 38 bathrooms, 22 kitchens, and 14 downstairs cloakrooms and 8 utility rooms. I used a standard spray bottle filled with water + 1 teaspoon of MPD. I used a drop neat on a wet scrubby sponge for heavier dirt and lime scale. Kitchens: Dilute on most surfaces, cupboard fronts, fridges, tiles, cookers etc. Bathrooms: baths, showers, basins, taps use diluted. Shower doors use neat then with diluted mixture and finish with dry cloth. Glass: Diluted then finish with dry glass cloth. Granite: high gloss finish, use diluted and finish with dry cloth. Also removed blood spots and kitten mishaps from beige carpet. Cars washing:brilliant! Chocolate stain off a duvet cover. This has saved over £20/month on consumables and approximately 3 hours a week in time. My hands are also not so dry after one week. I’m happy to recommend this product and will certainly be using it from now on.”


Stella said

“Very impressed… cleaned my van inside and out Oven, kitchen Bathroom, living room, windows, and washing our clothes everything is so much better than what I have used before I’m hooked! Best of all no harsh chemicals ? xx”


Vicki said

Love how this product is environmentally friendly and it lasts such a long time. A bottle of this has been known to last me for 2/3 months! . Wouldn’t be without it highly recommend

Laura said

I have only recently started using this wonderful product and now i am wondering where it has been! I love that you can use so many of forever living products on more than one thing. I have a bissell hoover that washes the carpet at the same time as hoovering, the bissell lotion does smell nice but it is very expensive. 10mls of this in some water in the hoover and the carpet comes up as good as new, and the smell is so fresh and clean. I have also used this on my kitchen sides, electric hob and draining board and they have come up extra shinny and clean.


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